Sandipani Rishi

Sandipani, which means “Sage of Gods”, was a guru of Lord Krishna.

The Sandipani Muni ashram is located 5 km from Ujjain railway station (Madhya Pradesh). The area near the ashram, known as Ankapata, is popularly believed to have been the place used by Lord Krishna for washing his writing tablets. The numerals 1 to 100 found inscribed on a stone are believed to have been engraved by Guru Sandipani. Near the ashram is the Gomti Kund, a staircased water tank where Krishna supposedly summoned all the holy waters from various centres so that his old Guru, Sandipani Muni would not have to travel other holy places.

The two brothers- Sri Krishna, Balarama and Sudama, while staying as students at Guru Sandipani’s residence, learnt everything in a single lesson. Upon completion of their studies, they persuaded the teacher to ask for the preceptor’s dakshina (fees) of his liking. Sandipani asked for, as his dakshina, the restoration of his child lost in the ocean at Prabhaas.

The two brothers went to Prabhaasa and found that the son was taken by the demon “Shankhasur”, who had a holy conch named “Panchajanya”, and lived under the waters in the shape of a conch. Not finding the son within the conch, Sri Krishna and Balarama took the conch and went to Yama, and blew the conch. Yama worshipped both of them saying, ‘O Vishnu (the all-pervading Lord), disguised as a human being by way of leela (sport), what can we do for you both?’ The glorious Lord said: ‘Impelled by My command, O great ruler, fetch My preceptor’s son, who was brought here as a result of his own Karma.’

Being brought back to life, they handed over to their preceptor his son. Shri Krishna obtained the holy conch “Panchajanya” from “Shankhasur”. Shri Krishna blew conch Panchajanya along with Arjun’s conch devdatta signaling the start of the Mahabharata.

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