Vikramaditya statue to be installed in Ujjain before Simhastha« Back

17th Jul, 2015

INDORE: Ujjain will be adorned with a 30-foot statue of King Vikramaditya before Sinhastha. City-based artiste Mahendra Kodwani has been assigned the task of preparing the statue, which will be installed at Vikram Teela behind Mahakal Temple.

Ujjain Municipal Corporation and Simhastha preparation committee will spend around Rs 1 crore on the project.

Kodwani said, “I was asked to build the statue recently. Simhatha committee of state government had sanctioned money for installation of Vikramaditya statue. He said statue will be made of bronze and he has already begun work on it. It will take five months to finish the work and then the statue will be installed at Vikram Teela,” he said.

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