01st Jan, 2016

Unique allotment letters with QR code would be used for the first time in the Simhastha 2016 Ujjain. Allocation letters provided to akharaa, saints, mandaleswars, mahamandaleswars would be connected using Information Technology.

Attractive and QR code allocation letters would be a unique feature which would be used for the first time in the Simhastha. The QR code technology is more advanced than the bar code technique. The QR code would be over written and could not be tampered.

After the QR code is read by the code reader software the details of the allocated land would emerge on the screen. The QR code could be scanned using a smartphone which could help in checking the allocation letter at the spot. After the use of QR code the letter could not be forged.

Identity card produced in the Simhastha area would be having QR code and could not be duplicated.

Notably, such an innovative system was introduced recently during the World Hindi Conference that was orgnaised in the State capital few months ago. The entry to the venue was with the QR code enabled passes and this was a success.

In the wake of Simhastha 2016 Ujjain Public Welfare Department around 40 works are under construction which would be completed by the end of the year 2015. Construction of roads, widening of roads and other works are among the works which are under construction.

Widening of roads from Makodiaam to Khilchipur culvert, Ujjain rest house having 12 rooms, gutter construction from Hari Phatak bridge to Shipra bridge are among the under construction works which would be completed soon.

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