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19th Feb, 2016

Ujjain : The two day training on disaster management and crowd management for Simhastha occasion which is to be held in Ujjain from April 22 to May 21 will start from February 29. Along with the police and administrative officers 500 doctors and para medical staff will also be present in the training.

The training will be imparted by the joint team of Center for Disease Control, New Delhi and American Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. In the training it will taught that to how to pose the leadership tactics at the time of disaster. Doctors and para medical staff will be taught better ways to treat the patients in the Simhastha fair area.

The tactics to control; the crime and how to deal with them will also be taught in the training. 1000 home guards will also be taught to provide first aid facilities at the time of emergency. 1800 beds of government and private hospitals will be there in the fair area. Out of these 200 beds are of government hospitals which will be kept as reserve. 218 temporary beds will also be available. 3 cardiac ambulances will also be available for emergency heart disease treatment.

Aurbindo Medical College, Indore, Apollo and Medanta Hospital have agreed to provide one ambulance each at the time of Simhastha. Health department have done all the preparations for ensuring heath facilities in Simhastha-2016. 24 hours medical facilities will be available. 3000 medical staff will be available there. Medical staff including 552 doctors, around 650 nursing staff and 900 para medical staff will be posted.

Hundred helping staff will b posted for ensuring better facilities. 20 bedded hospitals will be constructed in all the 4 zones. 47 mamboed staff will be there in each hospital. 23 hospitals will be constructed on sector level in which there will be facility of 6 beds. 31 Trained staff will be there in each hospital. 6 bedded hospitals will be there in each satellite town of Ujjain.

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