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05th Apr, 2016

The month-long Simhastha fair in Ujjain this year will be much more than a religious congregation with a number of activities, including an International Spiritual Film Festival, organisers said on Sunday.

During the four-day film festival that will be held between May 1 and May 4, 12 select films from around the globe will be screened and six interactive sessions will be held.

The organisers have also invited 11 filmmakers for the event.

“The primary objective of the festival is to screen spiritual films that will emphasis on educating people, creating spiritual awareness, and spreading peace and harmony through spirituality,” said Pundit Radheshyam Mishra, international director of Ujjain Yoga Life Society.

People can come and watch films on spirituality, spiritual gurus, life and the essence of humanity. The event is open for all, including students, filmmakers and produces and there is no entry fee. The films screened, will be shortlisted by a selection committee and only nominated films will be shown during the festival, organisers said, adding that the screenings will be followed by interactive session with the film makers.

Film maker Ketan Mehta, who has made a number of documentaries and feature films, will take part in the event. “The film festival will also promote the creativity and artworks produced by filmmakers from all over the world in following their dreams and calling for betterment of humanity. The films will also inspire and enlighten people to find the purpose of their life regardless of their belief, economic or cultural background,” said Mishra.

The International Spiritual Film Festival is part of ‘Yoga Kumbh’ – a combination of seminars, conventions and yoga workshops to that will be held from April 26. The venue of the film festival is near the entrance of the Mela Ground.

Event detail

Four-day event to kick off on May 1

Indian and foreign filmmakers will participate

12 films to be screened

11 filmmakers invited

6,000 people are to attend

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