Simhastha Fair to introduce geo-fencing to monitor workers« Back

18th Dec, 2015

Indore: Geo-fencing monitoring staff will be deployed at the inception of Simhastha. The monitoring staff will ensure that the employees complete their duties and timings at the required place. The duty time will be traced through mobile applications.

Employees will be allotted a specific duty spot during Simhastha. The rotation of places is proposed in the application. If an employee moves out of the area allotted to him during duty hours without informing, then a message will immediately be sent to the mobile of the concerned monitoring officer. Further, attendance of employees will be kept in check using biometric machines. There is a plan of installing 70 biometric machines on the site.

Additionally, the state department of transportation is inviting proposals for improving the bus stops. Government is also planning to provide RO water at various stops for the comfort of the Simhastha visitors.

State water resources department is planning to undertake 15 water works worth Rs 8157 crore for Simhastha. Most of these works are proposed to be completed soon. Of these, most works pertain to the construction of ghats on the banks of the Kshipra river.

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