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13th Apr, 2016

Ujjain : Second Peshwai of century’s second Simhastha was taken out from Padao at Neelganga in Ujjain today. It was an occasion of joy and fervour for entire Ujjain city. People thronged to seek blessings of saints-seers right from Padao area. saints-seers holding massive Dharm Dhwaj were leading the procession.

The massive flag was followed by a saint beating drums. Another saint riding a horse was playing Damru. They were preceded by a number of saints-seers showing stunts with swords and spears.

It seemed as if saints and seers were destroying evil spirits. Transport Minister and in-charge of the district Bhupendra Singh, Simhastha Central Committee’s President Makhan Singh, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Ravindra Pastor and a number of other officers took part in the Peshwai of Panchayati Ahwan Akhada and sought blessings.

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