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22nd Mar, 2016

INDORE: New look of Malwa Express train that runs from Indore to Jammu-Tawi pleasantly surprised the passengers on Friday. Blue colour bogies of the train were covered with saffron posters, depicting different aspects of Simhastha.

Advertisements carried beautiful pictures of Kshipra river, saints and temples along with a message from chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, asking people to visit Ujjain during Simhastha fair. While the advertisements were eye-catching, the exterior of the train was decorated beautifully to suit the theme.

Passengers, who had to board the train appeared excited. Those standing at the platform were also awestruck by the new look of the train.

“It looked beautiful. What an innovative idea of advertisement,” said Harsh Singh, who had come to drop his parents.

While the first train with the advertisements departed to Jammu Tawi on Friday, the train would carry similar advertisements while returning also. Indore-Pune Express and Indore-Howrah Express would also be donning the saffron posters ahead of Simhastha.

The trains chosen for advertisements are all long distance trains and cover at least four states in one run. While Malwa Express crosses through six states and stops at 45 stations, Indore-Pune Express crosses four states and stops at 17 stations. Indore-Howrah Express is the longest running train among the three. It covers 1,700 kilometres and crosses through five states and stops at 34 stations.

Apart from several stations in Madhya Pradesh, the trains would spread the message of Simhastha in Bihar, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Spokesperson of railways said that advertisement space was given for one month and railways earned around 7.5 lakh rupees from them. He said the advertisements would be carried only on trains originating or terminating in Indore.

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