PM to release ‘Simhasta Declaration’: CM« Back

27th Oct, 2015

Indore: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced that PM Narendra Modi will declare the ‘Simhastha Declaration’ next year on May 14 at the end of the 3-day-long ‘Conference on Different Religion’ during the run-up of Simhasta at Ujjain.

CM was talking to media at the end of the 3rd International Dharma Dhamma Conference here on Monday at Brilliant Convention Centre.

He said that it’s a tradition that Simhasta remain a ‘Kumbha’ of people for thoughtful contemplation on issues of welfare and well being of the human kind.

A report on the suggestions and findings of this conference would be prepared in the form of booklet and this would be circulated in the country. This would be used as the Base Declaration.

Similarly, an international conference on world religion would be organised on May 12, 13 and 14, where from the 3-days conference, an essence would be released by PM Modi as a ‘Simhasta Declaration’. Religious people with scientific approach would be invited.

Study centers to be established

CM also announced that two centers would be established close to Sanchi Buddhist University. The first one would be Centre for Healing, where one can learn how to feel happy and cope with dreaded illnesses.

The second one would be Centre for Alternate Learning. A 20-acre land is earmarked for the purpose. The land would be allotted to any country that wishes to open a learning centre of their religion.

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