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11th Dec, 2015

INDORE: Ozone gas will now be used to disinfect and purify water in Kshipra river for pilgrims taking a holy dip during Simhastha 2016.

Ujjain administration is planning to release bubbles of ozone from the bottom of the river through pipelines so as to clean river water during the festival. The project is expected to cost Rs 9 crore. “This is probably for the first time in the country that ozone gas will be used to clean water during a mammoth gathering of people,” Ujjain divisional commissioner Ravindra Pastor told TOI. Ozone is unstable and degrades within a few seconds, releasing a free oxygen atom which causes rapid oxidisation. This ability enables ozone to react with bacteria, viruses, and protozoans and have stronger germicidal properties then chlorination. In addition, the oxidising properties of ozone also reduce the concentration of iron, manganese, sulphur and reduces or eliminates taste and odour problems.

Pastor said five spots have been identified in Kshipra river where the pipelines will be laid. The pipelines will be connected to ozone generation plants. Ozone will be pumped into the pipelines, which will have release points attached to it. Soon after the gas is released, it will disinfect the water. Ozone has been used to disinfect water in the US and France for several decades. Ozone has been employed in over 3,000 large scale municipal plants world-wide.

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