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23rd Dec, 2015

Ujjain : One of the oldest Saiva Akhada, the Niranjani Akhada, will initiate around 2000 Naga Sadhus during the upcoming Simhastha fair.

Presently, a list of 1000 future Nagas has been procured by the Akhada and 1000 more will be enlisted soon. The Nagas who are given Diksha (ordinate) in the Simhastha fair of Ujjain are known as Khooni Naga. The fair in-charge sanyasi of the Niranjani Akhada, Ravindra Puri informed that these Nagas will conserve and preserve the Sanatana Dharma after taking diksha from Acharya Mahamandleshwar of the Akhada Punyanand Giriji.

Most probably the diksha ceremony will take place on first Shahi Snana (Poornima) of the Simhastha fair falling on April 22, 2016. From that day on special practices of Sanyas will be initiated for the Nagas. On being asked, that where you procure these Nagas… Puri said, we have a Jamaat of Mahatmas and Mandleshwars and they have their own following and they recruit these future Nagas. He said it takes at least three years for a Maha Purush (first stage sadhu) to become a Naga. These new Nagas are presently in Sadhna at their respective places.

Vyas Pujan, the prime step

The new sadhus and future Nagas will take 108 dips in the Kshipra river and will remain in a 24 hour long ritual at the riverside including ‘Panchkesh’, ‘Panchgavya’, Ygyopaveetam and Pind Daan of themselves. Afterward, these sadhus will enter the camps with Palash Dands (staff) and Bhiksha patra in hands. Mahant Ravindra Puri, who himself was once a Naga, says only the immutable are selected for the ritual and even are given a time of three days to rethink, as after the ritual they are reborn.

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