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20th Apr, 2016

Ujjain : With every peshwayi, the grandeur of royal processions seems to be touching new heights and the rush people from nearby areas is increasing too. According to the people who have seen all the Peshwayis taken out so far, the royal procession of Mahanirvani akhara was the most impressive.

The peshwayi for social messages displayed during the procession and showering of flowers by a helicopter made the procession. Presence of Swami Nithyanand with huge chariot and troop of foreign followers brought the holy city to standstill. The peshwayi was so huge that one end of the peshwayi was touching the old part of city, while the other was still running through the city. Followers of Swami Nithyananda from more than 25 countries including Russia, USA, China, Mexico, Germany, France and Spain were the crowd pullers. The huge peshwai made the peshwayi route virtually inaccessible from all directions.

Swami Nithyananda brings city to standstill

The peshwai started with traditional Khichari custom at Neelganga, the Peshwayi was given a rousing welcome by crowd similar to what was seen during the previous Peshwayis taken out in the city. This Peshwayi was attended by several important Maha Mandaleshwars and Mahants of the akhara. There were more than 30 Maha Mandaleshwars participating in the royal procession. Acharya Mahamandleshwar Vishokananda Bharti was also part of procession. A tableau of akhara deity Kapil Muni was also part of along with chariot of Acharya Pithadhishwar of Atal akhara was also present on the occasion.

Swami Nithyananda and Dati Maharaj with their grand assets and displays made the procession a huge. Peshwayis’ way was paved by District In-charge Minister Bhupendra Singh, Divisional Commissioner Ravindra Pastor, and Collector Kavindra Kiyawat who, as usual, were at the helm of affairs during the commencement of the Peshwayi. Additional security arrangements were put in place and heavy traffic was totally prohibited on the Peshwayi route. The peshwayi not only featured all religious rituals, but also conveyed social messages varying from female foeticide to conservation of water. Several tableaus, conveying social messages, were part of the Peshwayi. A total of 40 musical bands from other states too lent the peshwayi a grand touch and people watched in awe the third religious procession ahead of the Shahi Snan of the Simhastha Mela on April 22.

But, the special attraction of the Peshwayi was evident only when the procession reached old city when a helicopter flying exactly over of the route showered flowers. A tableau of Kapil Muni also drew attention of the spectators. The performance of bhangra artistes from New Delhi and Punjab dancing to the beats of Dhol enlivened the Peshwayi. Senior officials of the city also welcomed the procession. Formation of scout guides, muslim jamats, women disciple of Maha Mandleshwars was present on the occasion. The huge procession was so big that blocked the traffic of the whole city most of the traffic was diverted by the police. Mandleshwars including Santosh Puri, Shivchaitnya Bharti, Vishverananda Giri, Premananda Giri, Atmananda Puri, Kamlananda Giiri, Divyananda Giri, Yogananda Saraswati, Rameshwarananda Saraswati, Vishwatmananda Giri, Shri Mahant Prakash Puri, Ganga Sagar Bharti, Kailash Puri, Daya Puri and Avadhesh Puri were present.

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