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27th Feb, 2016

Ujjain, Feb 25: Eminent folk-bhajan singer Sanjo Baghel of Jabalpur left the audience spell-bound with her sonorous bhajans on the banks of river Kshipra on the second day of cultural programme ‘Anugoonj-3’ in the context of Simhastha at Ujjain on Wednesday. Smt. Baghel presented devotional songs one after the another during the eve.

Anugoonj began with Ganesh Vandana ‘Ghar Main Padharo Gajananji Ki Mere Ghar Main Padharo’ by Smt. Baghel. This was followed by devotional song dedicated Maa Narmada-Kshipra ‘He Maa Narmada Teri Ho Jay Jaykar’. Her third presentation was ‘Baithi Ujjain Main Harsiddhi Maa Dware Ghanta Bajat’. Audience encouraged the Bhajan singer with thunderous applause now and then during the performance. CDs containing invitation to Simhastha in the form of Bhajans sung by Smt. Baghel were distributed free on the occasion. Art critic Smt. Vinay Upadhyay conducted the programmes which ran into late in the night.

Artistes active at Kalidas Akademi on second day also

On the second day of ‘Anugoonj-3’ also, artists, craftspersons and litterateurs remained active at Kalidas Akademi. In paintings, issues pertaining to tribal, folk and current issues were highlighted. Craftspersons made artifacts from clay, wood, iron etc. Deaf and dumb painter Smt. Abha Chaube drew paintings of Lord Shankar with zeal. The then President late Dr. Abdul Kalam had felicitated Smt. Chaube. She had presented him his portrait drawn by her in an hour.

Umaria district’s 70 years old Jodha Bai Baiga surprised all by drawing paintings of Bhole Nath Baba while 19 years old patient of hereditary disease austiogesis drew encomiums by making a temple with threads.

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