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10th Mar, 2016

Ujjain : Bhairavananda Saraswati alias Kapalik Baba who is the only Kapal Tantric to have reached the Simhastha city performed the Poojan for Simhastha camps on intervening night of Monday and Tuesday.

Baba completing the ritual expressing grief over closed ritual of offering Chita Bhasma (pyre ashes) to lord Mahakal. It is worth noting that Mahakaleshwar temple is the only place in the world where the deity is offered pyre ashes as an offering in rituals. It is said that lord Mahakal rules over time and death and hence is offered ashes of pyre.

The Boomi Poojan was one of a kind as it was Tantric ritual where Baba half naked wearing necklace made of human bones performed the hour long rituals containing secret ingredients. Prior to this Baba applied Bhasma on his body and invited the deities for Poojan.

After completing the rituals Baba said it is sad thing to hear that the local Pujaris have stopped the use of pyre ashes as an offering to lord Mahakal, in spite they are using cow dung ashes. Kapalik Baba announced that soon he will offer Chita Bhasma to lord Mahakal, as soon as he visits the temple.

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