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01st Jan, 2016

Ujjain : Juna Akhada will welcome the New Year with ‘Khichari Party’, which will be held here on New Year’s Eve. The occasion will be the official inaugural of the Simhastha fair for the Akhada.

The Akhada will observe the arrival of the New Year with full religious fervour. And if gone according to the plan officials and press of the city will be invited in the party relish and Khichdi and Til Laddus. General Secretary of the akhada Mahant Hari Giri told Free Press that the New Year according to Hindu Dharma is welcomed with Til, Gud and Khichari, and we are planning to do the same. He said the city is hosting the Simhastha fair, and being a holy city such occasions are must.

Giriji said the Khichari, Dahi and Papad ceremony will mark the official inaugural of the Simhasta mela for the Akhada. He said Khichari is served on the inaugural ceremony and Kadhi Pakodi marks the culmination. He said the plans for the celebration are being chalked out and soon he will meet the officials and the media. The Mahant and Bade Pujari Anand Puri also met with the mela officer Avinash Lavania on Tuesday and discussed the needs and issues with him, at the mela office.

Hari Giri appointed Mukhiya Mahant

The core committee of the Juna Akhada has appointed Mahant Hari Giri as the Mukhiya Mahant or fair manager for the upcoming Simhastha fair. The decision was taken by the 52 member core committee of the Akhada in a meeting held here, around two months ago. Mahant Hari Giriji will lead the team of 4 other senior Mahants to look over the affairs of the Simhastha Mela. The team includes Mahant Umashankar Bharti, Mahant Mukund Puri, Mahant Prem Giri and Pir Mahant Parmanand Puri. Mahant Giri said the Chhavani will reach the city on January 21, after which the camps will be erected.

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