25th Dec, 2015

Wide publicity is being undertaken to ensure maximum participation of devotees from the country and abroad in Simhastha-2016 at Ujjain. Along with common people, great enthusiasm regarding Simhastha is also being witnessed among artists. Simhastha dance-dramas have been impressively enacted at cultural programmes at Ujjain.

Two girls of Dewas have chosen the medium of painting to popularise Simhastha. Kavita Sisodiya and Roopal Kesarwani said that painting has several styles. Kavita had drawn encomiums by drawing Jal-Rangoli focusing on Simhastha at Meetha Talab and Mandook Talab at Dewas last year. Now, these 2 artistes have also adopted Madhubani, Verli and Rajasthani style. They intend to draw paintings on various aspects of Simhastha. Soon, they will put up an exhibition depicting Simhastha through paintings at Kalidas Akademi, Ujjain.

Besides, music lovers hearts were stolen by presentations on the second day of cultural programme ‘Anugoonj’ being organised by Culture Department on the banks of Kshipra river at Ujjain. Audience were left spell-bound by performance of Manju Mehta of Ahmedabad and her disciples.

Such a symphony of tabla, pakhawaj and sitar recitation was a rare bonanza for music lovers. Sonorous tunes composed with Rag Saraswati and Rag Shyam Kalyan weaved magic at Ramghat. The eve of string musical instruments in extension of Maa Saraswati’s Veena was named ‘Spandan’.

The musical eve was made more attractive by performance of Laxmi Narayan Bhavsar in Rag Saraswati and Rag Shyam Kalyan. ‘Anugoonj’ at Ramghat began with blowing of conches. Praise of Maa Saraswati and Baba Mahakal’s Stuti were recited with traditional rituals. Large number of music lovers attended the music eve.

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