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27th Feb, 2016

Ujjain : A gateway being built with the Rajasthani red-stone on Dewas Road would greet the visitors during Simhastha Fair. The under construction gateway will be an example of Indian sculpting.

Artisan Mahesh Jataw told that the red stone has been brought from famous Bansipur Khan of Rajasthan. The gateway would cost around Rs 1.65 crore. The grand gateway would be 30 feet tall. 75 masons have been pressed in the building of the gateway. They would finish it by March 15. Artisan Mahesh has worked in building of Swami Narayan temples in Kolkata, Nagpur and Delhi. He has also built the temple in Chicago US.

Agencies hired by UMC to keep 20 per cent reserve arrangement Various agencies working for Ujjain Municipal Corporation (UMC) during Simhastha Fair will have to make 20 percent reserve arrangement for manpower, equipments and other resources. In case of casualty, the 20 percent reserve arrangements would be utilized. 2 private agencies for sanitary arrangements, 3 for toilets and 1 for street lights arrangement would work at Simhastha Fair area. In case the agency fails to perform a particular work during Simhastha, other agency would have to accomplish the work with its resources. UMC has prepared plan-A, B and C for Simhastha. In case of the failure of Plan-A, Plan-B would be executed and Plan-C would work if the Plan-B gets failed. According to the Plan-C of UMC, 2500 permanent and temporary employees and 1000 employees from local Municipal Councils of divisional level will work. Training has been given.

6071 home guards, 2000 volunteers to be deployed

District Commandant Home Guard Sumat Jain told that 6071 home guards and 2000 volunteers would be deployed at the fair. Private swimmers and civil defense volunteers would be deployed at the fair and they would be given remuneration. 3400 guards would be deployed along with cops on general duty while 50 guards with quick response team, 427 with fire brigade, 50 with wireless and 1100 guards would be deployed at other places. G+1 barrack, 1 woman barrack and a store room have been built with the cost of Rs 1.58 crore.

Street light trial done

MPEB on the night of February 25 did the successful trial of street light installed at Simhastha Fair area. UMC has installed street lights at most of the sectors of Simhastha Fair area. Around 6000 street lights have been installed till now. Superintending engineer Ashish Acharya told that around 100 megawatt power would be supplied daily at the Fair. Company has installed 490 transformers and power cables have been spread over the whole area. Low tension line is spread over 240 km while 11 kilo watt line has been spread over 68 km area. 9500 electric poles have been installed. 50 feeders have been held across the fair.

UMC control room to function 24×7

Control room of UMC would function 24×7 at fair area during Simhastha. A toll free number would be available at the control room to receive information and complaints. Information would be received through control room mobile app and internet online. After receiving the information through toll free number and other mediums, it would be circulated to the officials and employees.

44 fire stations at Fair area

44 fire stations would be established across the fair area of Simhastha. There would be 16 temporary fire stations which would be mobile in case of casualty. 68 fire brigades would be ready to deal with any untoward situation. Each fire fighter has capacity of 18, 000 gallon water. There would be fire point and vehicle at 20 spots along 15-20 guards. 8 mist water motor bikes would also be used.

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