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12th Jan, 2016

Ujjain : The thing tank of the Simhastha has started an exercise to glorify the construction works carried out by using cement, concrete, iron, bricks, grits, gravels, water etc. In their bid to establish the mythological importance of Ujjain world-wide and to honour the erstwhile figures, a strategy is being formulated to name the bridges and Kshipra ghats before their names.

Scholars of Hindu Dharmshastra inspected the newly constructed 13 bridges and 28 banks along the River Kshipra for suggesting names as per the mythological importance on Friday afternoon. This whole exercise was conducted by Simhastha Fair Office after chairman of the Centram Simhastha Fair Organising Committee (CSFOC) Makhan Singh Chauhan had expressed his wish that the name of these newly constructed facilities should reflect the cultural, historical, religious and legendry importance of the city.

A group of intelligentsia including Sanskrit scholars Dr Kedar Narayan Joshi, Dr Bal Krishna Sharma and Dr Kedar Nath Shukl, astrologer Pt Shyam Narayan Vyas and former Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee administrator Aanandilal Joshi led by secretary of this advisory panel Shashiranjan Akela started the inspection from Triveni Ghat. Scholars suggested that new ghats constructed at Triveni should be named as ‘Kshipra Rewa Sangam’ as now water of Narmada is also started coming at the confluence.

Likewise, bridge constructed behind Shani Mandir joining Chintaman Road should be named as ‘Ahilya Setu’ as it is made over the Khan River and Devi Ahilya had contributed very much in development of the city, said one of the scholars. Mritayunjay Ghat, Balram Setu, Krishna Setu and Sudama Setu were some other names voiced by the scholars. Scholars inspected all the ghats made in 8 kilometre stretch along the river. Every ghat is being named separately so that devotees during the Simhstha Fair could easily locate the ghat and should not get confused in locating the Ram Ghat, which will be the prime spot during the fair.

Now scholars will present the names before CSFOC chairman Makhan Singh Chauhan and then it would be finalised by the concerned authorities. After their approval, a proposal will soon be passed through the local bodies and Zila Yojana Samiti and then the State government will issue a notification in this regard. Shubhkaran Sharma, Shivesh Trivedi and from administrative side assistant commissioner of Ujjain Municipal Corporation BK Sharma and sub-engineer of WRD JK Gangwar were present all round the inspection.

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