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09th Jan, 2016

Ujjain : Winter may have lost its sheen now days, but ‘Gajak’ has not. And now it has become a favourite treat for the Sadhu and Sanyasis of various akharas who are settling in the holy city, for Simhastha mela.

Sadhus at almost every akhara can be seen munching on the delicacy after lunch or dinner or as a snack. General Secretary of the Avahan Akhara Mahant Satyagiri says, Gajak is his favourite sweet during the winters. He said, now Simhastha mela has given him chance to taste variety of Gajaks of Malwa. The Gajak makers from various parts of the state had settled in the city with their paraphernalia around a month ago. The exotic combination of Til and Jaggery which melts in mouth and leave sweet lingering taste. It is made by pounding roasted sesame seeds in thick syrup of jaggery, the speciality, is consumed mainly in winters and is believed to have properties that protect the body heat in this season.

City based physician Dr HS Bagga said, the basal metabolic rate of our bodies’ increases during winters. As a result, our bodies need more amount of energy to cope with surroundings. So people feel hungrier and need more energy providing foods to beat the winter chill. Sesame seeds are rich in anti-oxidants and jaggery helps fight iron deficiency.

The combination of the two makes is perfect tonic for winters and provides energy. That is why it is called the food of masses.

However, the increased rates of stocks have made the sweet dear and out of reach of poors. Due to increased competition in the market and sweet dealers are working are working on less profit margins. However, the aim to provide good quality sweets to denizens remains unchanged. By conservative estimates, 50 quintals of gajak is churned out every day in the city. No just gajak, but other such sweets are also in demand. Among these are famous Halwas of Moong Daal and Gajar (carrot). Residents buying Gajak at Teen Batti located shops said it is a medicine not a sweet and helps keep body warm during the winters. They said these are specialities which come only during the winters, are surely not to be missed.

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