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04th Apr, 2016

Ujjain : It would be little bit uncomfortable to visit the Simhastha Fair area amidst the biting rays of blistering sun these days. But, if you like to witness the miraculous world of saints, you need to come out of your abodes.

Ravgiri Maharaj of Shivgiri Sanyasi Ashram, Faridabad can be seen clad with the ash tip to toe holding a silver trident and a cornet in his hand displaying a astounding floating stone.

Saints from different parts of the nation have started arriving at Simhastha Mahakumbh. Each saint has a unique power that separates him from others. Naga Sadhus of Panch Dashnam Juna Akhada have laid their tents on the road from Dutt Akhada to Bhukhi Mata. One of the saints Ravgiri Maharaj of Shivgiri Sanyasi Ashram, Faridabad is an amazing personality depicting a form of Lord Shiva wearing Rudraksh beads. He continuously sits in the posture of Asanas holding his magnificent silver trident and cornet. He has a miraculous stone which floats on water.

Ravgiri told that the stone belongs to Treta Yuga and is the same which was used for building Ram Setu by Nal and Neel after inscribing the name of Ram on them. People pay visit to the miracle stone to seek blessings. Naga Sadhu Raman Giri of Kashi sits under a tree and near him is Naga Sadhu Mahendra Giri who does penance swinging on a tree.

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