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12th Dec, 2015

Ujjain : Police department is planning for unbarred communication and surveillance during the upcoming Simhastha fair and for fulfilling the purpose hi tech machinery along with dedicated communication channels have been planned.

For unbarred communication a new dedicated trunking channel for Simhastha fair will be set for two way communication. The police will use UHF, VHF and HF radio bands for communication and long distance communication will be set up to nearby states such as Rajasthan. So in case of any exigency the extra police force could be called for help. SP Radio Sunil Rajore told Free Press that with the use of new Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) wireless system the police control room at Ramghat will be able to contact directly at Bhopal, Ratlam, Agar, Mandsaur, Neemuch and all the 16 police stations and chowkis in the district. He said for effective communication 18 talk groups will be given to the police department.

For surveillance during the Simhastha Fair Dial 100, video conferencing, CCTV, UAV, VMS, Biometric attendance and public announcement system will be used. He said the biometric attendance prints are being uploaded to the servers and will be completed soon. The SWAN will provided connectivity for the 8 point video conferencing during the Simhastha fair. He said the we are planning for a system that if any one goes missing during the Simhastha his identity and photos will be immediately be put on display at the 13 video walls which will be erected during the fair. The video walls will show variety of information including crowd count, fair related information, kiosk centres and maps of the fair area. For crowd control and guidance public announcement system will be set up. To enhance the facility the whole system will be linked to the two control centres of the police at Ramghat and police control room. Also the system will be linked to the top brass police and administrative officials to keep vigil over the whole system, the official said.

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