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18th Apr, 2016
Indore :  Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AiCTSL) has decided to install GPS in school buses borrowed for Simhastha duty.

AiCTSL spokesperson Mala Thakur said, “We are planning to install GPS in 1,000 school buses, which have been allotted for easing transport for Simhastha visitors.” She explained that like all buses operated by AiCTSL, school buses must comply with security norms and hence they must have GPS.

The decision of installing GPS in school buses considering passenger security is commendable. The buses are expected to comply from April 21, i.e. a day before Simhastha mela. This raises a concern how the GPS will be installed in 1,000 buses in 4 days.

When questioned about the time limitations, Thakur said, “Luckily, we have very good connections with various GPS installing companies and service providers since years, therefore, it will not be a problem.” She explained that the AiCTSL has provided business to a number of GPS installing local and national agencies, and in return they are willing to install GPS in school buses within the time frame. Therefore, Simhastha travellers can safely travel from Indore to Ujjain.

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