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28th Jul, 2015

Agastyeshvar Mahadev Temple in Ujjain

One among the Chourasi Mahadev of Ujjain, Agastyeshvar Mahadev temple is situated behind Harsiddhi temple in the premises of Santoshi Mata temple. According to the mythological references when the Demons vanquished the Devas then disappointed Devas go on an expedition across the earth. While roaming in the forest, once they saw Sun like magnificent sage Agastyeshvar. Seeing the poor condition of Devas sage Agastya became irate. As a result, an intensive flame emanated and the Demons burned and fallen down from the heaven. Fearfully the Sages, Saints moved to the Paatal Loka. It depressed sage Agastya a lot. He went to the lord Bramha and said I killed Bramha so tell me the way towards reformation and salvation. Bramha said that there is a divine Shivling near Vat Yakshini in the north of Mahakal Van, you will be free from all the sins by worshipping them. As per the statement of lord Bramha, sage Agastya did penance and lord Mahakal became pleased. Lord blessed him that the deva whose linga was worshipped by you will be famous in all the three lokas by your name. One who will Darshan Agastyeshvar with full loyalty and devotion will be free from all the sins and all his desires will be fulfilled. Since then in Shravan Mass (Month), pilgrims do worship lord Agastyeshvar.

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