84 Mahadev temples to come under Google view« Back

05th Aug, 2015

INDORE: A year ahead of Simhastha, all 84 temples of Lord Shiva spread across Ujjain are getting digital foot prints on Google view. It is expected to facilitate pilgrims coming from abroad and different parts of the country to track the temples through Google view and find necessary information. Around 5 crore pilgrims are expected to visit Ujjain to take bath in holy Kshipra River during the fair.

Till now, only Mahakal temple and few other temples were available on Google map. But 84 Mahadev temples having great historical and religious value had no presence on digital map. Local people used to be the only source of information for tourists.

Forest department of Madhya Pradesh government is busy giving digital presence to the series of temples with the help of Google. Chief conservator of forests (CCF) PC Dubey said till now existence of 84 Mahadev temples was not properly recorded. Hence, first a pictorial document of all 84 temples of Lord Shiva was prepared. A particular number was given to them and later their longitude and latitude details were provided to Google.

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