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15th Mar, 2016

Preparations have been made to supply 7 crore 50 lakh litre water on peak days like Shahi Snan days during Simhastha at Ujjain from April 22 to May 21.

For water supply, Plan ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are ready. Under Plan ‘A’, water will be supplied through new tanks at Triveni, Shani Mandir overhead tank and Gau Ghat water filtration plant. Plan ‘B’ will be taken up if Plan ‘A’ fails.

Under it, pumping main station is being directly connected with pipelines in Mela area so that water can be supplied directly through boosting. Plan ‘C’ will work in case Plan ‘B’ fails. Under it, 4 tankers of 12,000 litres each and two tankers of 5,000 litres each will be pressed into service.

Parking arrangements for 82,000 vehicles will be made during Simhastha. Parking slots will be available in and outside satellite towns of Zone-2.

As many as 6 centres are being operated in Simhastha Mela area to sell bamboo, rafters and firewood. At these centres, Forest Department is providing bamboo, rafters and firewood in adequate quantity to ashrams and Akhadas. Subsidy of Rs402 per quintal is being given on firewood.

Lakhs of devotees are expected to visit Ujjain city during Simhastha. To introduce them with love of nature of Mahakavi Kalidas, the state government has made a novel effort. Forest Department has developed Kalidas Grove near Kalidas Akademi on Kothi Road at Ujjain. Mainly, saplings of 66 species have been planted in it. Aquatic birds of various species have also been kept in Kamal Sarovar in the Grove.

The saplings mainly planted in the grove include kadamb, chameli, keoda, kachnar, mogra, jamun, taad, dalchini, rudraksh, juhi, mango, teak etc.

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