Kalidasa Academy

Mahakavi Kalidasa is known to be the greatest repository of our national heritage. He continues to shine as one of the greatest exponent of Indian Culture.

Keeping his memory in view, the department of culture of the Government of Madhya Pradesh established the Kalidasa Akademi in the year 1978 at Ujjain. The basic idea of establishing Kalidasa Akademi in Ujjain is two fold. One is to keep the memory of the great poet-dramatist Kalidasa constantly refreshed. The other is to establish a multi-disciplinary institution, which would project the totality of classical tradition with Kalidasa as its centre; provide facilities for research and study in Sanskrit classical and traditional literary thought, tradition of fine as well as performing arts and their adaptation for contemporary times in different cultural and linguistic Milieu.

The multi-level programme of the Kalidasa Academy consist of the academic pursuit and research on Kalidasa, entire Sanskrit Shastric studies, training oriented experimentation and research on the Sanskrit theatre as well as Natyasastra of Bharata and promotion of classical literary and various art-form activities. The Academy has addressed itself not only to the task of rediscovery and preservation, and of the traditions lying dormant or lost, but also of strengthening, re-interpreting and reproducing the living tradition in the context of the contemporary needs. The Academy thus has a programme of academic activities, conferences, seminars, popular lectures, workshops, exhibitions, training, play-productions, recital of classical and folk traditional music, film shows, academic research and publication. As a regular feature, seven day Kalidasa Festival is organized annually.

The Kalidasa Academy is designed to recapture the contribution of entire Sanskrit classical tradition, theatre and fine arts and to represent its unique aesthetic vision to the international community.

The Kalidasa Academy is approx 3.5 km from Ujjain railway station (Madhya Pradesh).

How to Reach Ujjain

travels Ujjain is a city, in Madhya Pradesh state of India.

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